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     ESE center was founded in 2002 by the CCNT laboratory and the Power machinery and vehicular engineering institute, Zhejing University. The president of ESE center is Professor Wu Zhaohui, vice president of Zhejing University, and Dr Yang Guoqing is the dean of the ESE center. Focusing on the automotive electronics, the ESE center is the embedded system engineering research center under the direct administration of China s Ministry of Education, as well as the the embedded system engineering research center in Zhejiang Province.
     Dedicated to the embedded system research and the automotive electronics areas, ESE center is the AUTOSAR member in China, the member of automotive electronics basic software independent R&D and industrialization association in China, and the sponsor of the International Conference on embedded Software and Systems (ICESS).
     ESE center has the outstanding researchers and engineers in Zhejiang University whose research interests are focused on computer technology and automotive electronics, as well as the excellent researchers and engineers from the universities and enterprises in China and abroad. and outside China. ESE center has a R&D team with more than 80 researchers and engineers.
     Since the foundation of ESE Center in 2002, it has been colabrated with many well-known automotive OEM, such as the First Automotive Works of China, Changan, Chery, and Geely. Up to 2010, the ESE Center has undertaken 2 National Core-High-Base Major Projects of China, 9 National 863 Projects, and 8 projects from enterprises. The ESE Center totally put the funding of nearly 50 millons, and has achieved 12 patents, more than 30 under-examination patents, and more than 20 software copyrights. The ESE Center has developed the RTOS SmartOSEK, the automotive engine control unit—SmartEMS, and the ATM control unit—SmartATM, which are the first ones in China to meet the OSEK standard authentication. The ESE Center has achieved a serial of products and solutions, for details please refer the the products/solution page in the website.




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