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 For layered software architecture requirements, such as AUTOSAR standard, we provide for real-time control system software basic software kernel SmartSAR of CORE. SmartSAR Core running on the specified hardware platform, including a variety of drivers, operating system, application layer provides access to the service interface and so on. In the core of this infrastructure software, customers only need to focus on its application strategy development, greatly accelerated the efficiency of software development of real-time control system to ensure the quality of the development. 


Main function

Basic software The nuclear SmartSAR Core the main function is to provide a variety of API, the application layer including:

   Static real-time operating system API;

   provide a service communication, memory management, IO operation of the API;

   Diagnostic event management and diagnostic communication API;

   CCP \ XCP standard calibration API;

   a variety of chip-level driver.


AUTOSAR standard

Software systems for automotive electronics, SmartSAR Core provides the basic software core support AUTOSAR standard.



Real-time operating system

The basic software the nuclear SmartSAR Core static real-time operating system SmartOSEKOS. The system provides task scheduling, timing mechanisms, interrupt management, and event synchronization, resource management, security mechanisms, schedule function. The system is also the first real-time operating system through the OSEK certification of automotive electronics.



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